July 31, 2012

5 Ways to Celebrate Summer with Josh Early

by Josh Early Candies

This is the best part of the summer, don't you think? That time between the 4th of July and Labor Day is when summer feels like it will last forever. We hope that you are all enjoying your cookouts, picnics, beach visits and family time. Here are 5 ways you can make your summer even better, with some of our favorite Josh Early products:

  1. S'mores Galore: Get adventurous with your next S'mores session. We've had customers tell us they've used our mint patties, pecan bark and peanut butter cups to make a new version of an old favorite. Sounds delicious!
  2. The Perfect Snack: Our assorted salted nuts are a great snack for your next outdoor get-together. They travel well, hold up in the heat, and are a good source of protein, to boot. We've had customers tell us they like using our nuts on salads and crushed up in desserts, too!
  3. The Non-Melting Chocolate: If you are looking for something sweet that won't melt in the hot heat, our chocolate fudge is what you need. No need to worry about keeping space in the cooler for this chocolate! You're safe packing it as it is, without fear of melting.
  4. A Sweet Thank You Gift: If you are traveling and staying with friends and family this summer, it's always a nice gesture to bring along a gift. Why not use our Pick Your Own option to put together a box of your Josh Early favorites for your hosts?
  5. Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls: What's better than nice cold ice cream on a hot summer day? Serving it in a chocolate ice cream bowl! Check out our blog that gives you all the instructions to make your own.

And remember, there is no better time to buy Josh Early Candies with our new, $8 Flat Rate shipping rule: Any size order, going anywhere in the United States will be shipped in an insulated container with gel packs to ensure safe delivery... all for only $8.00!

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