September 05, 2012

A Piece of Josh Early History

by Josh Early Candies


Do you remember how it felt to explore through your grandparents attic, searching through all of the memories and treasures that they had up there? The old violin, the high school yearbook, the black and white photos of your family. All precious heirlooms. Well, today we received a gift that gave us that exact feeling of nostalgia.

We just received the oldest piece of Josh Early memorabilia that we have ever had. A very loyal Josh Early customer, Thomas Raug, gave us a candy tin that dates back to 1909. As you can see by the wording on the tin, it's from "Richardson and Early" Wholesale Confections. The "Early" is my great great grandfather, Joshua R. Early, the first of five generations of Josh Early candy makers. At the age of 22, Joshua owned a grocery store where he sold candy, and would eventually partner with Frederick H. Richardson in the wholesale confections business, located at 140 N 6th St in Reading, PA.

As you can imagine, for a family of candy makers this is a rare and wonderful gift to receive. We thank Thomas for sharing this.

What's your favorite family heirloom or piece of nostalgia?