July 28, 2014

Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day with Josh Early Candies

by Josh Early Candies


We at Josh Early Candies think that chocolate should have a place in your day-to-day routine. But if you’re looking for an official reason to eat chocolate, then you’re in luck! July 28 is National Milk Chocolate Day, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share some of our most popular Milk Chocolate candies with you.  


Our customers love our Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels ($8.75) because they highlight everything that’s wonderful about the classic combination of salty and sweet. We also make Miniature Milk Chocolate Pretzels ($7.95), if you’d rather something a bit more bite-sized.


The Miniature Milk Chocolate Pretzels are perfect on their own or combined with an assortment of our roasted nuts as a sweet snack mix. If you’re looking for an even bigger dose of chocolate, then just add some of our Milk Chocolate Cashews to the bowl. You can’t go wrong.



For a touch of irresistible elegance, try our decadent Almond Butter Crunch ($12.90). It requires a specially trained cook to successfully make the centers of these candies, so they truly do exemplify everything that we stand for at Josh Early Candies – expert candy makers using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients to create mouthwatering chocolates.



The buttery toffee center of the Almond Butter Crunch is infused with almond chips and cooked by sight until it reaches the right consistency – not too soft, not too hard. Then the toffee is coated with our signature Milk Chocolate and rolled in finely chopped pecans.

We recommend buying at least two cups of our Almond Butter Crunch at a time, as these candies tend to disappear really quickly. 

Another popular choice is our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups ($9.35). It’s probably because the combination of our rich peanut butter and sweet milk chocolate is simply too good to pass up.

A little known fact about our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups? Each and every one of them is coasted by hand, a skill that takes our candy makers 6 months to perfect!

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, then pick up a box of our Milk Chocolate Crackers ($8.75). The thin buttery layers of our crunchy crackers are coated generously in our signature Milk Chocolate, making them the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

So many of our customers love our Vanilla Butter Creams, but did you know that we also make Chocolate Butter Creams? These candies are filled with a smooth chocolate center and then covered in your choice of Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. Serve these chocolates asa special dessert after dinner with your family or friends for a memorable way to end your evening.


Or, you can serve our Milk Chocolate Vanilla Nut Caramels. The chewy caramel centers of these candies are infused with a hint of vanilla and feature the gentle crunch of chopped pecans. The centers are then covered in a shell of our Milk Chocolate, left to set, and then arranged in the display cases in both of our store locations. They’re just waiting for you to stop by and request a box of them to take home!

Now that we’ve shared some of our most popular Milk Chocolate candies with you, it’s time you to tell us which one you’d like to try first. Leave a comment below with your choice, and don’t forget to let us know how you plan on celebrating National Milk Chocolate Day!