October 15, 2015

Dress Up Your Chocolate for Halloween

by Josh Early Candies


Dress Up Your Chocolate for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Along with deciding what you’re going to dress up as this year, you’re probably already thinking about the candy -- the kind your kids will be collecting as they trick-or-treat around the neighborhood and the kind you’re going to hand out at your own house.

But what about the candy that nobody ever talks about (but that everybody knows exists)?

You know… The candy that you eat while you wait for the next group of potential tricksters to come to the door and ring the bell.


Because, even if you’re not going door-to-door, you still deserve something sweet to snack on over the course of the evening, especially considering that chocolate is a must-have on Halloween.

Why not use the holiday as an excuse to dress up your personal stash of chocolate in something a little more festive and fun?

Our Milk Chocolate Halloween Nonpareils, topped with itty-bitty balls of sugar in the traditional colors of orange and black, are now available in our stores and would make the perfect addition to your candy table (as would our Fall Nonpareils).

These sweet bites are undeniably addictive, though, and you may find yourself reaching the bottom of the bowl before you’re able to give candy to the final trick-or-treater of the night. To make sure you’re prepared for the long haul, stop by and pick up a 1-pound cup of our Milk Chocolate Nonpareils.

We promise we won’t say a word when you do.

Happy Halloween, everyone!