October 05, 2012

Have You Passed The Pink?

by Josh Early Candies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is one of our favorite months. Each October we sell Pink Nonpareils donating 100% of the proceeds to The Women’s 5k Classic- a local organization that raises funds for programs benefiting female cancer research and education in the Lehigh Valley.

This year, the Women's 5K is celebrating their 20th year as an organization and we have an ambitious goal of raising $20,000 for their anniversary. To reach our goal, we need your help! This year, we are encouraging all our customers to not just purchase pink nonpareils, but to Pass The Pink!

To Pass The Pink you can purchase pink nonpareils as a gift to a survivor, purchase a Pass The Pink T-shirt for yourself or even purchase nonpareils in memory of a loved one who may have lost the battle. Whatever you do, don't let the positive message end with you. Spread the word and encourage everyone you know to Pass The Pink.
Here are 10 easy ways you can Pass The Pink:
1. Buy a cup of pink nonpareils for a survivor.
2. Spread the Pass The Pink message to your coworkers, family and friends.
3. Buy a Pass The Pink T-shirt and wear it proudly.
4. "Like" this post on Facebook.

5. Buy a cup of nonpareils for the spouse of someone who's lost the battle.
6. Pin This!
7. Tweet the #PassThePink message to your friends.
8. Add the Pass the Pink Link and/or logo to your email signature.
9. Post on the Josh Early Facebook page that you passed the pink – feel free to include a note.
10. Print our Pass the Pink Flyer and hang it up at your desk, in your office.

Buying Pink Nonpareils isn’t just about buying chocolate... it's about spreading a message of hope and encouragement while raising money for a wonderful cause. Whatever you do, don't let it end with you. Tag. You're It!
Now please Pass The Pink!