November 27, 2012

How DO We get the Cordial in our Cherries?

by Josh Early Candies

People often ask how we get the liquid inside of our cordial cherries. It's a little known trade secret, but we'll let you in on it! It takes us four days to make one of our Josh Early Cordial Cherries. Here's how we do it:

We use whole pitted maraschino cherries, which we inspect for consistency and uniformity.

We use a process called "panning" to create a sugary shell around the cherry. This process starts by placing the cherries in a round tumbler that spins... as the cherries tumble round and round we add an extra fine sugar that builds around the maraschino cherry. The cherry about doubles in size before it is finished.

The sugar coated cherry is then taken to our hand coating room where piece by piece they are hand dipped in milk or dark chocolate and placed in its very own chocolate cup.

The cherry is ultimately completely encased with chocolate.

Over a period of 4 days the sugar breaks down and becomes "cordial" or liquid.

Voila! You have a cordial cherry.

After all that effort, it may take as long as a week for a freshly made cherry to become totally cordial. So it's possible that our cordial cherries could be TOO fresh, but given time, the "magic" will happen. As they say, all good things take time. 

Now you have the insider's scoop on how we get the cordial in the cherry!  Our cordial cherries are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or in a milk and dark assorted gold gift box.  

P.S. The same is true of our peppermint patties. If the peppermint pattie center isn’t quite creamy, it's because it is TOO fresh. The sugar hasn't had enough time to break down and become a soft center, but that’s a topic for another day.