March 21, 2020

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

by Josh Early Candies


Josh Early V served in the United States Marine Corp, a group known for their ability to “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”.  There is not a more fitting slogan that could capture what our remarkable staff has done to keep Josh Early Candies running throughout one of the most chaotic weeks of our 116 years in business.  

In the last 7 days, we proactively shut down our retail store, created a Curbside Pickup service overnight, only to shut it down 4 days later before overloading our website to handle 100% of our business that remains.  Without the dedication and strong work ethic of our entire staff, NONE of this would have been possible. A heartfelt thank you is long overdue to all of our employees who keep our operations running so smoothly. And while we continue to operate with only 5% of our staff, please know 100% of our team remains here in spirit.  

We type this, confident that Josh Early, our father, father in law, grandfather and namesake would be proud of us all.