February 15, 2012

It's All in the Details: Custom Nonpareils

by Barry C. Dobil Jr.

Think back to an amazing event that you attended. One that really wowed you, whether it was a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday party. What made that event so spectacular? Most likely, it was memorable because of one major component: the details. A truly great event focuses on every last detail, from the food to the favors to the color coordination.

You, too, can make your next big day a success. Color-coordinated chocolate is a detailed touch that can adorn a table as a centerpiece, accent a dessert, or act as the perfect favor. Last fall we unveiled what is quickly becoming one of our most popular products: custom-made nonpareils.

My great grandfather started making traditional nonpareils back in the 30's...dollops of milk chocolate or dark chocolate with white or multi-colored seeds. Now, we've improved this traditional confection by offering you the option of your very own color combinations. Reds, greens, blues, oranges - you name it and we've got the color combo. With your choice of milk or dark chocolate and variations on nine different color bases, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Whether they are your wedding colors, your favorite sports team's colors, or your company's colors, we've got you covered. Want to test out colors before you buy? Just head over to our Facebook app where you can mix and match to find just the right combination. You can even enter your creation in our custom nonpareil contest for a chance to win 5 lbs. of your creation. We'll pick a winner each month. (Our congratulations to January's winner, Michele C. from Bethlehem.)

You can call your orders into our Allentown store at 610-395-4321 and we'll soon have ordering of custom nonpareils available online. Want inspiration? You can checkout some of our customer's creations here. So start mixing and matching to make your perfect custom nonpareil!