March 16, 2020

Josh Early Candies Response to The Corona Virus

by Josh Early Candies


March 16, 2020

Josh Early Candies has been a proud partner in the community for 5 generations.  Since the early 1900’s, we’ve established not just a dedicated customer base but meaningful and heartfelt relationships with each and every one of our patrons.  Please know while the coronavirus has presented some unique challenges to doing business, our social responsibility will remain at the forefront of all our decision making.  Simply put: we will never put profit before the safety and security of our employees or customers.  We never have and we never will.  That said, we find it time to share the following changes to ensure the continued safety of our employees and customers:

1. In an effort to promote social distancing, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 9:00 PM and until further notice, we will be closing our Allentown and Bethlehem retail stores.   

2. We are doing everything we can to provide options for our local customers and encourage you to shop at  

3. We are working on the logistics of a curbside pickup.  Until that becomes a viable option, we are waiving all shipping fees to any package being shipped to our customers in Pennsylvania.  

4. We are currently unable to offer the following services: 

a. “Pick Your Own” boxes of chocolates

b. “Free Gift Wrapping”

c. Personalized Easter eggs

5. Throughout this crisis, family members will be on hand daily from 9-5 if you need assistance.  Please email us at or call us at 610-395-4321 if we can help in any way.   

We could not be more thankful for the generations of loyal customers who have made Josh Early Candies a part of their chocolate buying traditions and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we all work through these tumultuous times.  


The Josh Early Family