February 04, 2019

Josh Early's Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts

by Josh Early Candies

Many people believe that the tradition of exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day is rooted in modern times. But did you know that giving someone a small token of your affection on February 14 became popular practice well over 500 years ago? If you’re still looking for gift ideas, whether for the love of your life or for your family and friends, then be sure to check out this list of our most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for inspiration.

Our Ultra Dark Miniature Hearts from our new Ultra line of chocolates are just the thing for the chocolate connoisseur in your life. These hearts are artfully crafted from our pure 72% Ultra Dark Chocolate and wrapped in precious gold and bronze foil. The high percentage of cocoa in these hearts gives the chocolate a rich flavor and borderline bitter taste that’s sure to please anyone who has pledged their undying love to dark chocolate.

Though, perhaps your loved ones prefer milk chocolate. If such is the case, then choose our 2.5-ounce Box of Miniature Milk Chocolate Hearts wrapped in vibrant red foil and presented in a festive red box with a heart-shaped window. Or, choose our 18-Piece Package of Miniature Milk Chocolate Hearts wrapped in contrasting red and silver foil.

Looking to make an even bigger impression? Then how about choosing our 8-Piece Package of Milk or Dark Chocolate Hearts? The colorful foil wrapping on these candies features a printed heart design that’s sure to attract some attention. Giving that special someone any one of these heart-shaped treats is the perfect romantic gesture to show just how much you care.

If your intentions are friendly rather than romantic and you’re looking to simply put a smile on someone’s face, then hand them one of our Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Heart Lollipops (shown here with our Petite Sour Hearts). These lollipops are handmade in our kitchen by pouring our chocolate into special heart-shaped molds designed to leave the imprint of tiny hearts in the candy.

Is there anything more fun to eat than a lollipop?

Of course, no holiday is complete without our nonpareils. Customized for the occasion, our Valentine’s Day Nonpareils come in milk or dark chocolate varieties and are decorated with tiny red, white, and pink sugar balls. We doubt anyone would be able to resist eating a handful of these!

Giving these gifts to the people who mean the most to you is a fantastic way to express your love for them. This Valentine’s Day, show them all how much you care and share the gift of chocolate.