June 03, 2016

Kick Up the Heat with Our NEW Habanero Sea Salt Caramels

by Josh Early Candies


Kick Up the Heat with Our NEW Habanero Sea Salt Caramels

One of the reasons why Josh Early Candies has become a confectionery mainstay in the Lehigh Valley is our time-honored tradition of following our beloved family recipes to create small, handmade batches of chocolates. And, while nothing gives us more satisfaction than stocking our shelves with boxes of tried-and-true favorites like our nonpareils, peanut butter cups, and vanilla butter creams, we love experimenting in the kitchen and developing brand new products to share with all of you just as much.


Last fall, we debuted our peppermint bark and it became an instant favorite among our customers. This time around, we decided to play with the idea of pairing spicy and sweet. For those of you who aren’t afraid to kick up the heat, we’ve created a brand new variety of our sea salt caramels that we just know you’re going to love -- our Habanero Sea Salt Caramels!

Each batch of our Habanero Sea Salt Caramels begins with a body of vanilla caramel that’s been made with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. And, because our goal is to create caramels with the perfect mouthfeel -- not overly sticky or overly chewy -- we don’t use processed or refined sugars. (Get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of our Vanilla Caramels here.)


Slabs of caramel are hand-scored, cut into manageable-sized blocks, and transferred to a wooden work surface where they’re dusted with cornstarch to prevent sticking during the hand-cutting process.


After the caramel has been cut down to smaller, two-bite pieces, those pieces are arranged onto wooden trays lined with parchment paper so they can be moved over to the enrober where they’ll be coated in our signature milk or dark chocolate.


Once the caramels have been lined up on the enrober, the conveyor belt moves them onto a metal grate that rotates independently of the belt. The grate gently slopes down and then up again, dipping the caramels into chocolate so the bottoms are fully coated and creating something that we’ve termed “prebottoms”. This ensures the caramels are completely covered with chocolate without needing to be turned over.



The caramels then continue down the line until they’re draped with chocolate that’s been perfectly tempered.

Now… this is when things start to heat up!



Instead of hand-marking these artisanal chocolates with an “X” as we do with the Vanilla Caramels, these caramels are sprinkled with a special blend of ground habanero peppers and high-quality sea salt to give them a spicy kick.



Then it’ll take about twenty minutes for the caramels’ chocolate coating to set before we remove the candies from the enrober and transfer them over to our packaging station.


They look delicious, don’t they?? 


Each box is labeled and then fifteen Habanero Sea Salt Caramels are nestled into their trays, covered, and adorned with a gold ribbon.


As with our original sea salt caramels, you’ll be able to buy the habanero variety in Milk Chocolate


Dark Chocolate


 and an Assortment of the two.


 Just look for them in our stores with the other gift boxes of sea salt caramels! 


So… Who’s ready to kick up the heat and try one of our Habanero Sea Salt Caramels? Which one would you go for first -- milk or dark?