January 18, 2013

Malted Milk Balls in High Demand

by Josh Early Candies

Over the holidays, our customers bombarded us with one very specific inquiry – "when will the Malted Milk Balls be available to order online?" We place a high value on customer feedback at Josh Early Candies, so you can rest assured that the number-one request we received this past Christmas didn't fall on deaf ears.

In response to the demand for easier access to our Malted Milk Balls ($8.00), we're excited to announce that one of our first pieces of business in 2013 is to add them to our online store. Soon you'll be able to purchase both the Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate varieties for delivery straight to your home or office!

It's not difficult to figure out why these treats are so popular. The natural bitterness of the malted milk powder at the center of Malted Milk Balls turns sweet when combined with chocolate, transforming the flavor profile of the whole candy. What you get is something richer and more full-bodied, a candy that goes with everything and is perfect for any occasion.

Is there anything better than the pairing of something sweet with something salty? The next time you plan a Movie Night, make the evening more special by putting out a bowl of Malted Milk Balls with your bowl of popcorn. See which bowl empties first.

If sundaes are on your dessert menu, then skip the hot fudge. Top your ice cream with chopped or crushed Malted Milk Balls instead. Go one step further and whir everything together in a blender with some milk and make thick and creamy malted milkshakes!

Or, if you want to keep things super simple, then just grab a handful of Malted Milk Balls to snack on and chase them with a cold glass of milk.

These are only a few ways you can serve up our Malted Milk Balls… But just imagine all the other ways you can enjoy them now that you are able to order them online!