May 20, 2013

Our Chocolate Fudge Makes the Perfect Warm-Weather Candy

by Josh Early Candies


Like many of you, we at Josh Early Candies love the summer and everything associated with the season – longer days, afternoons spent lounging by the pool, weekend trips to the shore. Unfortunately, the hotter temperatures are unsympathetic to any chocolate fan, as the blistering sun can have the power to transform your standard bar into a gooey, melted mess.

That’s why we focus a lot of our energyduring this time of year on making our Chocolate Fudge($10.75) and other fudge varieties. It doesn’t melt in the heat and doesn’t require space in your refrigerator or, if you’re on the go, in your cooler. It’s the perfect candy to have on hand when you’re suffering from a craving for chocolate, and we thought we’d give you a taste of what goes into the production process.

Using generations-old equipment and recipes, we cook down a mixture of sugar corn syrup and cream until it reaches the right temperature and takes on a light caramel color. As the sugar carmelizes, the mixture thickens and develops a rich, deep flavor.

While we wait for the recipe to cook, we set up the tools and equipment we’ll need to finish making the fudge. This includes the large wooden spoon we’ll use to stir everything together, the ladles we’ll use to dispense the chocolate into the trays, and the scale we’ll use to make sure each tray weighs in at 12 ounces.

And, of course, we’ll set up the raw ingredients we’ll need for to further flavor the fudge. These ingredients will vary depending on which type of fudge we’re making at the time.

When the caramelized sugar mixture has reached the final temperature, we remove it from the heat and add the final ingredients. While we use a candy thermometer in our kitchen, you can easily tell if the mixture has reached the proper stage by dropping a small amount of it into a glass of cold water. If it forms a ball that can be flattened with your fingers upon removal from the water, it’s ready for the final step.

What happens next is a team effort. Working quickly, we pour a good ladle-full of the chocolate mixture into individual trays.

When we’re sure that a tray has 12 full ounces of the chocolate mixture, it’s removed from the scale and tapped lightly against the work counter to release any air that may have gotten trapped beneath the surface. The trays are then left to rest before being boxed for sale in our store or for shipment to our online customers.

When you cut into it, you’ll see that our Chocolate Fudge is smooth and creamy. One bite will satisfy any sweet tooth… though, we’re not sure you’ll be able to stop after just one bite. It’s no wonder that Josh Early Candies has been voted “Best Chocolates” by Lehigh Valley Magazine for over ten years running!

Whether it’s your afternoon coffee break or your summer celebration in the backyard, our Chocolate Fudge is the perfect way to add a taste of simple decadence to any occasion!  

Tell us, where will you be enjoying Josh Early Chocolate Fudge this summer?