May 21, 2014

Summer Fun with our Coconut Strip Candies

by Josh Early Candies


We at Josh Early Candies have held the distinct honor of producing the “Best Chocolate in the Lehigh Valley” for well over a decade, but did you know about the wide assortment of non-chocolate candies that we offer? Now that we’ve celebrated the unofficial start of summer, we thought we’d give you an inside look at how we make two of our most popular seasonal candies – our Molasses Coconut Strips and our WatermelonStrips.

Although the added flavorings are obviously different for the two varieties of candy strips, the process of molding, cutting, and sugaring them is exactly the same. Once the coconut has been flavored and tinted, the mixtures are spread into square molds created by long metal rods arranged on our marble countertop.

Once the coconut mixtures have been allowed to set, the metal rods are unclamped and removed. Can you see the vibrant pink and green colors that we use for our Watermelon Strips?

We then meticulously measure out sections of coconut that are each 3 inches wide.

With the tip of a knife, we score the blocks of coconut all the way across to make them easier to cut.

Making the extra effort to score the coconut ensures that the full cuts are straight and even.

After the sections are cut, they’re laid out on lined trays and transported over to a wooden board so we can continue the cutting process.


With a trained eye and steady hand, we cut each section further down into thin slivers of coconut, creating the strips that our customers know and love.


The strips are tossed in a large tin of white sugar until they’ve been lightly coated.

Then the sugar-coated strips are laid out on lined trays before being taken over to our packaging station.



Once the strips are arranged in a single layer on their trays, the trays are weighed to precision.



Then the trays are wrapped with sheets of cellophane before being put on display in our stores.


Whether you enjoy the rich flavor of the Molasses Coconut Strips or the subtle sweetness of the Watermelon Strips, both make the perfect dessert for all of your summer get-togethers.

Tell us, how would you serve our Coconut Strips to your guests?