February 05, 2020

The 4 Perfect Mates for our Chocolate Covered Strawberries

by Josh Early Candies


This Valentine's Day, indulge in a delicacy that we only offer in our stores two times a year: chocolate covered strawberries. Made fresh daily in both milk and dark chocolate, our strawberries are sourced from a local, family-run business. This partnership allows us to preview the berries for that season and ensure that they are the freshest available.

We know it's hard to beat the pairing of chocolate and strawberries...there's just something about the amazing match of sweet and tart. But we've come up with a list that takes this duo to the next level. Here are the Top 4 best mates for our chocolate covered strawberries:

Rosé Champagne: Every Casanova knows that champagne is a great pairing with chocolate strawberries, but the question is, which champagne is best? A rosé champagne is the perfect match, as it is a blend of red and white wine, and offers a full body that parallels the richness of the chocolate.

Red Zinfandel: A rule of thumb when it comes to matching wine with chocolate strawberries: you want your wine to have sweet notes to complement the confection. A red zinfandel is often the best counterpart, as it offers sweeter notes that make it compatible with the chocolate covered strawberry.

Cheesecake: For the truly indulged dessert, pair our chocolate strawberries with a classic vanilla cheesecake. The creamy consistency of the cheesecake means you can dip and swirl to your heart's content. Not in the mood to bake? We've heard that dipping the strawberries in cream cheese frosting is just as tasty.

Chocolate Porter: Porters are a dark style of beer known for their silky yet robust taste, similar to a stout beer. A chocolate porter offers a sweeter style, and the hints of coffee and vanilla that are common in this type of beer go great with the chocolate strawberry. 

Do you have a favorite chocolate covered strawberry pairing or do you prefer them all by themselves?  Let us know in the comments below!

We'll be offering our strawberries in-store only from February 12th through February 14th (click here for our store information). And, chocolate strawberries aren't the only confections you can buy for your sweetheart! Check out the rest of our Valentine's Day candies and confections.