February 27, 2015

The Age Old Question: Whats The Difference Between Peanut Rolled Creams and Peanut Rolled Eggs?

by Josh Early Candies


Every year at about this time, our stores are full of people picking up an assortment of candy and chocolate to pack into their Easter baskets. Not surprising, our Peanut-Rolled Eggs make the list of our Easter Favorites. In fact, some of our customers go so far as to declare our Peanut-Rolled Eggs as superior to our Peanut-Rolled Creams.

While we’ll never take sides in that particular argument, we will tell you that aside from a couple of minor differences, the Peanut-Rolled Eggs and the Peanut-Rolled Creams are actually the exact same product! 

The first, and most obvious, difference between the two candies is their shape. When the Peanut-Rolled Creams (left) are extruded, they are round in shape, while the Peanut-Rolled Eggs (right) are ovoid in shape like… well… like eggs. 

But when you look on the inside of the Peanut-Rolled Creams and Peanut-Rolled Eggs, you’ll see that they both have the exact same vanilla cream center that’s dipped into the exact same chocolate.


And, to finish, the Peanut-Rolled Creams (top) and Peanut-Rolled Eggs (bottom) are both rolled in the exact same chopped peanuts.

The second difference is a subtle one and not necessarily a difference that causes one version of these candies to be better than the other one. 


Because the candies are extruded in two different shapes, there is a slight different in the weight of each. We knew you weren’t going to just take our word for it, so we pulled out our digital kitchen scale to prove it to you. Clearly, the Peanut-Rolled Cream (top) weighs just a tiny bit less than the Peanut-Rolled Egg (bottom). 

The difference in weight would certainly give way to the theory that the ratio of vanilla cream to chocolate to peanuts is superior in the Peanut-Rolled Eggs than it is in the Peanut-Rolled Creams, thereby making the Peanut-Rolled Eggs “better” than the Peanut-Rolled Creams.

But we at Josh Early Candies don’t subscribe to that theory. To us, they both offer the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and we enjoy eating them both equally.

Still, we understand that we have plenty of customers who prefer one over the other. Perhaps it’s the difference in shape that causes people’s preferences. Or, perhaps it’s because our Peanut-Rolled Eggs are only available this time of year (roughly 6 weeks before Easter) that puts them over the top. The reasons for loving one over the other don’t matter so much to us – we’re just pleased that our chocolates put smiles on our customers’ faces!

Which version do you prefer more – the Peanut-Rolled Creams or the Peanut-Rolled Eggs? Let us know in the comments below!