July 17, 2013

Whimsical Chocolate Pops at Josh Early Candies

by Josh Early Candies


In keeping with the carefree spirit of summer, we’ve begun making an assortment of Whimsical Chocolate Pops in our Josh Early kitchen. Available in both milk and dark chocolate, these pops are shaped like dinosaurs, frogs, and hearts, and are the perfect candies to serve when you want to keep things light and fun.

 Each and every pop that we create begins its journey in our chocolate tempering machines. Bringing the chocolate to a perfect temper before hand-pouring it into our molds guarantees a glossy final appearance and a satisfying snap when you bite into it.

When each of the molds in the tray have been filled, the tray is then lightly tapped against the work surface. Tapping helps release any air bubbles that may have gotten trapped beneath the surface during the filling process. It also helps us make sure the chocolate gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the mold so you can see the details of the design in the finished product.

While the chocolate is still warm, we carefully insert sticks into the pops so you’ll have something to hold onto while you’re eating the candy. 

In no time at all (10-15 minutes), the pops are ready to unmold. Do you see the shine they take on after being allowed to set? That’s all thanks to the perfectly tempered chocolate!

As the chocolate cools and sets, it pulls away from the mold, making it extremely easy to remove. If the pop doesn’t fall away on its own, a gentle push of the thumb will help release it onto a paper-lined tray.

When all of the pops have been unmolded, they’re moved to our packaging station, where they’re individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with brightly colored ribbon. 

Now the Chocolate Pops are ready for you to take home and enjoy!

Tell us below in the comments which of our Whimsical Chocolate Pops you’d like to eat first. The Dinosaur Pops ($3.50 each)…

… the Frog Pops ($3.25 each)…

… or the Heart Pops ($3.50 each)?